AudioSense Provides Excellent Hearing Services in Toronto

Do you feel your hearing has changed? Do you have a hearing loss or use a hearing aid to help you hear better? Are you just curious to know what your hearing is like?

Hearing Tests

Testing hearing is like piecing parts of a puzzle together.

At AudioSense, our hearing evaluations include a comprehensive hearing test where we assess all parts of the ear. We start by looking at the health of the ear canal and eardrum using state of the art digital equipment. You will even get a chance to see your eardrum on our video monitor. We then take you into the sound booth where you will hear words and beeps at various pitches and volumes. Sometimes, those beeps will sound softer than a whisper! These different hearing tests allow us to determine if there is a hearing loss, and if so, what may be causing it and what may solve it.

We also do a quick vestibular test to screen for the presence of any underlying balance difficulties.

Hearing Aids and Other Hearing Devices

If you have a hearing loss, we may recommend a hearing aid or other devices such as bone anchored hearing aids or cochlear implants. AudioSense has formed relationships with manufacturers of all hearing aid companies, bone anchored hearing solution companies and cochlear implant companies, so we can provide you with the best help you need when you need it.

Hearing Therapies and Rehabilitation

Want to better manage your hearing?

Hearing aids aren't for everyone and aren't always the only solution. AudioSense also offer auditory therapies such as auditory verbal therapy and music therapy to help you manage your hearing loss and symptoms of hearing loss better. We work with you to assess and manage any symptoms of tinnitus (i.e., ringing in the ears) that you might be experiencing. Finally, we also offer services for protection of noise exposure and provide a variety of custom earplug options for different needs, including protective earplugs, musician’s earplugs and swim plugs.

Call us at 416-901-4770 to book an appointment in our clinic in Yorkville, Toronto, or ask about our home visit options.